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Instant Boiling Water: Do we need it, and who does it best? Jul 16, 2021

Boiling water, one of the most basic of things in the home. It’s a hot commodity, and a cooking and drinking necessity. Before the kitchen technology revolution started to take hold, innovators in Europe and Australia were developing ways to make boiling water instant, energy efficient and easy to activate. In the last ten years, a huge industry has formed in Europe, and the market has become saturated with boiling water taps (that’s British for faucet). However, there are a handful of brands that stand apart from the rest.

It isn’t a hardship to boil a pan of water, or the kettle, however we are always looking for ways to simplify things in the kitchen. It follows the same path as voice controlled ovens and appliances: simplicity. If we can have something on demand, we will take it. The boiling water tap speeds up cooking times, provides a means of sanitising and sterlising items, saves energy and provides a safer source of boiling water than a pan or a kettle. The companies mentioned in this article spotted a need, and executed it beautifully. The big question I always get about these products is safety, the main concern being customers burning themselves on the water flow. This is a valuable kitchen product, which I expect to see become the norm in the next 5 years as the industry grows, and demand with it.

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